Vendor Showcase: Flute Specialists

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Clinician Robert Johnson, from Flute Specialists, Inc., dialogs on understanding the flute from a technical perspective. This presentation is exceptional for flutists of all ages and skill levels as well as parents and teachers. Helpful information will be shared to allow for a better understanding of flutes and piccolos including a discussion of the differences in quality, performance, pricing, repair techniques and materials of handmade, pre-professional, intermediate band step up model flutes and piccolos. Information will also be presented on how to select a qualified and reputable sales and repair facility.

Essential elements of introductory repair techniques will be explained and demonstrated. Participants will be able to understand, diagnose and perform simple repairs on flute headjoint, body, and foot joint sections and keys. These most frequently occurring and most easily repaired problems flutists and teachers encounter are essential knowledge for all flutists. These simple repairs, once diagnosed correctly, can allow an instrument to be quickly returned to working condition when in an emergency situation. This repair clinic can be the starting point of a wider understanding of the flute, flute performance, flute repair and proper instrument maintenance as it relates to maximizing and enhancing performances.

The presentation also presents a brief introduction to a wide variety of careers in the music industry other than performance. Mr. Johnson is available for consultation on purchases, repairs and career opportunities.


Robert Johnson – Founder and President of Flute Specialists, Inc. Based in Clawson, Michigan, Flute Specialists is one of the most nationally renowned flute and piccolo sales and repair companies. Through his clinic, Understanding Flutes – Emergency Repair Tips for Flutists, Robert shares some of his experience and know-how from his 34-year career as a flute and piccolo repair technician. Flutists, teachers and parents can learn how to perform simple emergency repairs, tips for purchasing a flute or piccolo and gain a better understanding of the differences between the various categories of flutes and piccolos and their varied prices.  As a featured presenter across the country at multiple National Flute Association Annual Conventions, National Suzuki Conference, flute festivals, flute workshops, master classes, and seminars as well as universities, colleges, conservatories and schools, Mr. Johnson will also include a discussion of alternative careers for musicians beyond performing. His series of emergency repair tip video vignettes can be found at


Robert presently serves The National Flute Association on the Commercial Members Council providing guidance and council to NFA executives as well as flute makers, accessory manufacturers, distributors, retail stores and flutists and teachers across the globe. He received his initial technical training with the revered engineering team at The Muramatsu Flue Manufacturing Company in Japan while working as Chief Technician with Muramatsu Flutes USA for 10 years before opening Flute Specialists.  Having worked with many industry leaders like David Straubinger the inventor of Straubinger Pads, he is an expert with a wide-reaching range of product knowledge and manufacturing techniques and how they relate to reliability, durability and enhanced performance on all brands and models of flutes and piccolos. A flutist himself, Robert studied performance at The Academy International de Ete in Nice, France. He now primarily performs as a church musician as a soloist, ensemble member as well as in flute choirs. When not burning the candle at both ends at the office or on the road exhibiting instruments and lecturing, he is an avid golfer as well as a visual artist painting and sculpting.

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