Doina Rotaru – The Voice of Romania

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Doina Rotaru – The Voice of Romania

Iva Ugrčić

Through the course of Western music history, few Eastern European composers have stood the test of time. It is not until recently, over the last several decades, that audiences have recognized Eastern European composers. These composers create pure and soaring sound-worlds using materials based on traditional folk tunes and old church music from their homelands. This performance will be devoted to such a composer, a woman with a unique and a very distinguishable style, founded on an archetypal aesthetic,” the contemporary Romanian composer Doina Rotaru. Rotaruâ’s music is widely known in France (as well as all of Europe and Asia) due to French flutist extraordinaire Pierre-Yves Artaud and his counterpart Mario Caroli, both commissioning and working with Rotaru extensively. While Rotaruâ’s music is appreciated in certain parts of the world, her music is not well known in the United States.
Rotaru is one of the most appreciated and well-known Romanian composers of her generation. She has a vast and extensive list of works (over 120) that span across many mediums including solo, orchestral, chamber, choral and electronic music, from which around 30 of them are solo and chamber works written for flute. This performance will consist of selected works by Doina Rotaru. All of the proposed pieces are part of my dissertation project CD, which will be released by March 2017:

The concert, approximately 50 minutes long, will present solo and chamber works for the flute. There will be a small introduction before each work.
List of works (subject to change):
1. Elegie for flute and piano (~6min) 2011
2. Aux portes du reve for flute and percussion (~13min) 1985
3. Crystals II flute, percussion and piano (~14min) 2003
4. Tempio di fumo for flute solo (~10min) 1997
5. Dragon-fly for piccolo solo (~6min) 2000

The concert will be presented with the great help of my dear colleagues: David Alcorn and Garrett Mandelow on percussion instruments, and Satoko Hayami on piano.

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