Spider Log: An Effective Practice Tool

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International prizewinner Danilo Mezzadri teaches flute at Southern Miss and at festivals in Brazil, Europe, and the US. Danilo soloed with more than thirty ensembles worldwide. He is principal flute with Golf Coast and North Mississippi Symphony Orchestras. His performances have been reviewed as “gorgeous” (Detroit Press) “with a limpid sound, and coaxing every ounce of lyricism” (Jackson Patriot), and “music of high order that deserves a welcome from a global audience” (American Record Guide).

SPIDER LOG is a fun way to get practice routines or projects working efficiently. This practice routine is based on ground breaking research on “interleaved practice” and time management strategies. During the lecture students are taught to develop their own priority lists and start creating “developmental webs.” I will show various examples of productive webs and how each practice routine can be made appropriate to each individual level. I will also demonstrate how I used the Spider Log to effectively learn and memorize three unpublished pieces that were written specifically to observe how musicians learn music.

The pieces to be performed and premiered are:

-Uma página (2016) by Jean-Ives Bosseur (b.1947)

-ExoMiniatura XI (2016) by Roberto Victorio (b.1959)

– ritornelo bis (2016) by Silvio Ferraz (b. 1959)

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