Stories and Insights: How Scholarship Informs Performance

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Stories and Insights: How Scholarship Informs Performance

Kyle Dzapo

While flute instruction is often separated from studies of music history and theory, the connections between these three disciplines can be both fascinating and indispensable to performers. Dr. John Buccheri, an award-winning theory professor at Northwestern University, has often stated: “to know a piece intuitively, technically, and intellectually is to really know a piece.” Knowledge can be a powerful tool in strengthening or refining a performer’s instincts. This presentation will help flutists connect aspects of scholarship to the performance of specific compositions. How does an understanding of harmony shape one’s performance of C. P. E. Bach’s Sonata in A Minor for Solo Flute, for example? How does knowledge of form influence the performance of Prokofiev’s Sonata? How does awareness of Joachim Andersen’s career inspire performance of his etudes and flute-and-piano works? These questions and many more will be addressed in order to demonstrate how applicable, helpful, and captivating historical and analytical knowledge can be.

Kyle Dzapo, Professor at Bradley University, is a flutist, scholar, and speaker. She has recorded a solo CD, Joachim Andersen: Etudes & Salon Music (Naxos, 2010); is the author of two books, including Notes for Flutists: A Guide to the Repertoire (Oxford University Press, 2016); and is a pre-concert lecturer for the Chicago Symphony. She also works with Zimmermann Musikverlag to produce scholarly editions of music, including, most recently, Joachim Andersen’s Concertstück, Op. 3.

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