Flauta Latina

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Flauta Latina

Cecilia Piehl Price

This lecture recital is based on a project developed by Cecilia Piehl Price and Felipe Garcia. The purpose is to create awareness about the body of flute music, mostly unknown, written by Latin composers (through recollection of scores, editing, publishing, cataloging, performing, teaching and recording).

The lecture recital will include brief descriptions of each piece (history, style, composer, and/or instrumentation depending on each case) as well as a summary of the flute situation in South America. A power point presentation with maps, native clothing, dance illustrations, and varied photos will help the audience make a more vivid experience of this not well-known (although interesting!) flute repertoire.

The program includes pieces from nine Latin American countries and will be performed in piccolos, c flutes, alto flute and sikus (pan flutes). Selections may include:

Mario Lavista (México) Pífano for piccolo
Amparo Angel (Colombia) The Bird’s Enchanter for flute
Astor Piazzolla (Argentina) Tango Etude #6 for flute
Adina Izarra (Venezuela) Plumismo for piccolo

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