2016 Presenters

Jim Walker, Featured Guest Artist

Few other flutists in history have made such indelible marks in so many musical circles. From classical to conservatory to orchestral to jazz to pop, television to film to the concert hall, Jim Walker has never met an audience that didn’t love his powerful, “stand and deliver” performances. Dynamic soloist, legendary orchestral and studio musician, celebrated jazz flutist, and an inspiration to countless students worldwide; Jim Walker is living proof that with enough creativity and determination, one can reach the stars.  ​He is a living legend, and a true Renaissance Man of the Flute.

Presenters and Performers

Cate Hummell

Danielle Briesach

Meret Bitticks

Paul Doebler

Tara Schwab

Linda Pereksta

Tim Lane

Mihoko Watanabe

Duo Amantis

Madison Flute Club

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